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For terraces and roof gardens, ornamental grasses are an interesting choice. The swaying character and fine texture, eye-catching plumes and varied summer and winter image result in an attractive effect. The success of a healthy, beautiful vegetation stands or falls with proper preparation, sufficient size planting containers, high-quality substrate and an efficient irrigation system along with regular fertilization. Please note that weather extremes will always be a risk factor.

The nursery has a wide range of species available for this application. You can also purchase the necessary substrate and materials.

For more complex situations, it might be wise to make a design. In cooperation with our landscapers, we can also take care of the complete realization of a rooftop / terrace garden.

With low, evergreen types a permanent basic structure can be made. Complemented with spectacular growing and blooming seasonal species, supplemented with bulbs and flowering perennials quickly create an attractive terrace garden.
Besides regularly watering and nutrition, the maintenance is limited to annual cutting of non-evergreen species.

Miscanthus species are also doing well on open, windy terraces.