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At the nursery, the following products to support your plantings are for sale. Contact for the right numbers/amounts

Bamboo hedge screen accossoires irrigation delivery landscapin

Bamboo in container or planter box for terrace or rooftop gardens accessoires irrigation delivery and landscaping

All products and accessoires for optimal planting and growth are available at the nursery


The famous green buckets with organic bamboo fertilizer 'Bamboo Food' which we use ourselves for years in bamboo cultivation, are now also available in small packs to improve nutrition for the growing start after planting and as maintenance-fertilization in the subsequent years . It is a slow-acting organic fertilizer in granular form enriched with volcanic powder for bamboos and other fast-growing grasses. This active mineral mix based on volcanic powder promotes the hardening of the plant cell and provides the necessary trace elements for optimal growth. Absolutely necessary for growing bamboos in pots, containers and tubs on rooftop and terrace gardens. Available in buckets of 2.5 liter and 5 liter
Price per bucket 2.5 liters a € 14.50
Price per bucket 5.0 liters a € 22.50


Bio compost-planting mix is an organic mixture of fiber, compost, micchoriza and bark along with peat and perfect for planting bamboo and ornamental grasses in the garden. This product is very suitable for the use with new planting in the soil around the root ball. It ensures good adhesion and moisture distribution around the root ball in contact with the garden soil and promotes the growth of (hair)roots out of the root ball. Available in 40 liter packs. Usually we use half a bag per plant, with large containers from 15 liters it is better to use 1 bag per plant. Bio-planting mix can be purchased together with your plants.
Price per pack 40 liters a € 7.50


A plant gains its vitality and vigor to a large extent from the cultivation substrate (soil) that is being used. High-quality bamboo substrate has a stable, coarse structure. Grasses and bamboos are plants with a short, but intensive growth. This requires good coordination between plant and available nutrients and minerals. If you experience problems with growing grasses and bamboos it is recommended the use this substrate with additional fertilizing (BambooFood). It is the best solution for bamboo on the terrace or rooftop garden in tubs, pots and containers. Plants in these conditions depend entirely on soil and nutrients provided. Bamboo Substrate 70 liters is mixed with a package hydrograin 40 liters for the best long term result in planting containers. Bamboo Substrate is available in packs of 70 liters. Anticipate on natural volume loss of approximately 10-15%.
Price per pack 70 liters € 17,50


Hydro grain is an essential additive for bamboo and grasses in planting containers. The porous granulate holds moisture and nutrients and also ensures sufficient oxygen in the soil (aeration). We use a ratio of 1 package bamboo substrate (70 liters), mixed with 1 pack hydro grain (40 liters). Effective with natural volume decrease it results in a volume of approximately 100 liters. 
Price per pack 40 liters € 13,50.


As an insulating top layer French maritime pine bark (Pinus maritima) is a very suitable product. The red-brown colored bark is also decorative. It prevents weed growth and helps against dehydration. Also, drip hoses are effectively hidden from view. A pack of 40 liter is enough for one square meter (at a mulching thickness of approximately 4 cm). Can be used as mulch in planting containers and in the garden.
Price per pack 40 liters € 9,50


Different sizes bamboo root control rhizome barriers are available at our nursery

On request we can supply plant boxes  and project-specific planters for projects, terrace and roof gardens with low permissible weight and high insulation value.


At the bamboo nursery we get frequently questions about the root behavior and spreading risk of different bamboo species. Besides the non-invasive clumping bamboo species of the genus Fargesia there are several other species-groups, including Phyllostachys, Pseudosasa, Bashania, Sasa, Sasaella, Pleioblastus and Semiarundinaria which have creeping rhizomes with sometimes invasive characteristics that require some form of root control in smaller gardens.
There is a simple solution to keep the roots of non-clumping bamboos, and invasive roots within fixed boundaries. By placing a bamboo root control HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) screen in the ground around or along the plants, you can prevent unwanted expansion. This material is a high-strength and weather-resistant black plastic. For most species, the standard working height is 60 cm. The barrier is available in any length up to 50m per roll. For deep rooting species we also have a rootbarrier of 75 and 100 cm available. To grow narrow hedges of clumping Fargesia bamboo species we have root control with a working depth of 35 cm. Other sizes available on request.

Bamboo root control high density polyethylene screen available at our nursery

Bear in mind that 90% of the bamboo roots grows close to the soil surface (in the upper 30 cm), and therefor it is recommended to keep the bamboo barrier for invasive species of 2 to 5 cm above the ground for visual monitoring. For the non-invasive, clumping bamboos (Fargesia) the barrier may be placed equal to ground level.

It is important to give each plant plenty of room for vital H. For hedges of Fargesia the minimum width is 50 cm. The minimal surface area for higher bamboos should not be smaller than 1 x 1 m, preferably larger. Large species like Phyllostachys vivax, atrovaginata, parvifolia and 'Shanghai 3' need more root space of at least 2 x 2 m or larger. It is importent to connect both ends of the bamboo barrier in the right way according to our leaflet. Maintenance is limited to the annual check of the barrier edges on overgrowing roots. On purchase you get a clear instruction-leaflet how to install the bamboo barrier. You can purchase the bamboo barrier at our nursery but we can also ship it to you. The costs depend on the quantity:
Price per linear meter
 35 cm standard quality € 3,00 /m
Price per linear meter  60 cm standard quality € 4,50 /m
Price per linear meter  60 cm heavy duty quality € 6,50 /m
Price per linear meter 70 cm standard quality € 5,00 /m
Price per linear meter  75 cm heavy duty quality € 7,50 /m
Price per linear meter  100 cm heavy duty quality € 10,00 /m
Discount full roll 50m 10%


It might be easy to order a bamboo barrier connection set together with the root barrier. The connection works with bolts / nuts to secure the foil ends to keep invasive bamboo in place. A set consists of galvanized steel strips 5mm thick, 40mm wide with bolds, rings and nuts.
Price per set 60 cm  € 17,50
Price per set 75 cm  € 20,00
Price per set 100 cm € 25,00


On request we can supply an irrigation system for your plants in containers or (roof top) garden. It is best to discuss your plans and make an irrigation sketch. We have in stock a digital water timer on batteries which can be connected to the outdoor watertap. Connectable tylene blind hose to lay to the plants. Around the plants we have porous drip irrigation lines which irrigate over the complete length (we usually choose to lay out the irrigation hose front and rear alongside the plants). Also available are all necessary accessories (45 and 90 degr. angle connectors, T-connectors, end caps etc).


At our bamboo store we have fresh and dried bamboo culms (diameter 2 - 6 cm) and stems (diameter 7-20 cm) available. They range in length of 2 to 4 meters. Culms upto 7 cm come from our own nursery. Larger diameters are bamboo stems from tropical import (Asia, South-America).
Prices vary between 2,50 to 20,00 € / m depending on the diameter and species.


We also have bamboo screens in stock, made of connected bamboo culms of the Japanese black bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra) and natural-colored screens of dried green bamboo. These screens are 180 x 180 cm and can serve as a nice background on an existing garden fence or as a new fence f.e. in combination with bamboo plants. The culms in the screen are connected with each other by galvanized steel wires.
Black bamboo screen 180 x 180 cm to (Japanese black bamboo) SOLD OUT

Natural bamboo screen 180 x 180 cm SOLD OUT
Natural bamboo trellis 180 x 180 cm to 87,50 € / unit
Black bamboo screen 180 x 180 cm to 235,00 € / unit (giant black bamboo, Indonesia)