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When designing private gardens, the combination with our nursery and showgarden important. With our own assortment of bamboo, ornamental grasses and hardy exotics we can achieve a particular result.

In Beesd we have our indoor and outdoor workplace for landscaping design. The nursery gardens are a source of inspiration and tool palette for mixing shapes, colors and textures.

A garden design assignment starts with an informal meeting at our office in Beesd. Based of your wishes and possibilities of the location I can indicate whether it’s a feasible and executable assignment for me, and you can get an idea whether my style and approach appeals to you.

Then I start with a sketch; it can be a few A3 sheets full of hand sketches or completed digital 3D sketch in several variants with additional imagery to visualize the different ideas. Sometimes we choose to visualize the garden plan with pickets and wire.

If we agree on the first stage, we work to the final design.
Depending on the size and complexity of the design, this includes in a planting scheme, materials proposal, applied techniques, lighting plan, irrigation plan and other necessary specifications with job description and requirements.

Then the plan can be contracted out to various companies. Based on the offered price and quality, proposed approach, guarantees and time planning, together with the client a choice will be made for a company to carry out the work. During the realization I take care of quality control and can be involved in additional advice and fine-tuning.

Finally, a plan for management and maintenance will be made to ensure future quality. Some customers like to do this myself. Others opt for a maintenance contract with a landscaping company who guides the development of the garden and where necessary corrects growth and maintains materials.