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Johan van der Perk is a skilled garden and landscape designer (Wageningen University), nursery man and tropical landscape ecologist. He is working in Holland and far abroad since 1995 and has built a rich portfolio. The green wire in his work is his passion for living nature, knowledge of ecological processes, practical experience with different kinds of materials, techniques and a good sense for spatial design.

As pioneer with bamboos, grasses and exotics for cool climate areas he specializes in landscaping designs for gardens, parks, and (international) green projects were this type of vegetation preference plays a major role.
Customers are private homeowners, green entrepreneurs, (semi) governmental organizations, botanical gardens, zoo’s, estate owners, wellness centers, etc.

"The challenge for me as a designer lies in finding an appropriate balance between design and decor in an outdoor situation where you feel pleasant and quit. This can have different meanings for everyone. Each design eventually wears some form of peace and balance in it. "

You can propose your plans for your garden, park or project by sending an email* and we can discuss the possibilities how I can contribute to this.

(*make sure your files are not too big; usually you will get a reaction within one week. If not, maybe your email didn’t reach me. For big files use