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The variation within ornamental grasses is so big that you can easily create a diverse, attractive garden. In our showgarden at the nursery you can find many examples and compositions.
While many ornamental grasses like to grow in a sunny spot, it is still possible to lay-out an attractive ornamental grasses garden in a (semi)shaded area, such as a north oriented front yard or in the shade of tall beech tree.


Plume forming grasses usually have a wonderful winter structure but towards spring still need to be pruned once a season. With the misfortune of a cold spring it may take more time before a grass garden is lush again in growth. To fill this gap in the spring, I often use early-flowering hardy bulbs in groups among the ornamental grasses. These include various types of Allium (ornamental onions) and Eremurus (Cleopatra's Needle). This bulb / tuber crops are available to order in autumn. Sometimes some potted so they can still be planted in the spring.