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Our unique combination of cultivating a wide variety bamboo, ornamental grasses, hardy exotics and landscape architecture makes us a leading place to purchase plants for your garden or plan a landscape design project.


Our nursery covers a wide range of evergreen bamboo, ornamental grasses and hardy exotic plants for temperate climate zones. We sell to individuals (Friday and Saturday during the growing season), to landscaping companies, governmental organosations, projects, and to our customers abroad. Our bamboo collection holds also several dozens of clumping, non-invasive bamboo species (Fargesia’s). The nursery has various sizes in stock, varying from plants in container to almost mature specimens. Part of this stock is available as field dug plants with rootball. Because we regularly precut the rootball we can supply almost year round large plants to achieve immediate results. We propagate the plants in-house using traditional methods to ensure quality. We produce according to ecologically sound methods so the plants are completely hardened of for optimal regrowth at the new location.

In our shop next to the nursery, the plants are ready for sale and take away. We advise you as good as possible what species suite best for your situation and requirements.

You can parc at the nursery and collect your plants in a wheel burrow


The showgarden holds a unique collection of species from cold regions around the world in a natural setting. During the 1980’s we started collecting, planting and testing the first bamboos, grasses, gingers, foliage plants, etc. The garden is a source of inspiration for many visitors. You can also get a good visual impression of the mature species which are being propagated at the nursery. We show what is possible for your garden, park or project. The plant beds are laid out in such a way the plant compositions are translatable to your situation. Also, there are many bamboo hedges present. Before we add a new species to our nursery collection it is first observed in the garden.

In the showgarden compositions of bold leaf plants bamboo and gingers are planted out

Landscaping Design

As a Dutch ‘Wageningen-skilled’ landscaping architect, owner Johan van der Perk designs private gardens, parks and green projects using his extensive experience and knowledge with bamboos and grasses, with a preference for natural materials and a good sense for spatial design, resulting in impressive sceneries. The assignments range from a small planting plan for a private garden to extensive landscaping projects for (semi) government, recreational parks, wellness centers, zoo’s etc. in The Netherlands and abroad.

Are you planning to tackle your garden or project and a creative masterplan is required, please contact us for a planting plan or detailed design, completed with tender specifications and quality control during the execution of the work. In cooperation with qualified landscaping companies the lay out and garden construction is carried out. Also the management and maintenance of the plan can be guaranteed in this way.

Bamboo landscaping and Maintenance

We have the knowledge and experience to create and maintain bamboo and grasses gardens. This varies from the placement of root barriers, the application of soil improvement to the placing of bamboo hedges, borders, roof top gardens, including the installation of sprinklers. Our landscapers also take care of annual maintenance to maintain plant quality and monitor the root situation.

Bamboo, Clumping & Evergreen

The most important group of plants at the nursery is bamboo. The variation of these strong, evergreen woody grasses in size, color and shape is huge. The applications are wide. A number of bamboos are very suitable as fast-growing evergreen hedge bamboo, or windbreak screening to create privacy and shelter. In regular plant shops, it is often difficult to obtain certainty about the correct name, root behavior, flowering risk and mature size of the (limited) offered species. When you visit the nursery and showgarden you will find mature plants of all species we produce and we can tell you firsthand all about clumping, running, high and low species and their garden characteristics. Based on the planting location and the desired height, shape and color, we can give appropriate advice.

Ornamental Grasses

Within the huge variety among ornamental grasses there is almost always a suitable species to be found for a specific situation. Many of the low growing and ground covering species are evergreen. We try to have as much as possible evergreen grasses in our nursery collection.

The taller pluming grasses from 50 cm up to man’s height and higher often flower with beautiful feather like plumes, striking leaf markings or special culms. The strength of ornamental grasses is their late season bloom, their stylistic form, and their often beautiful winter structure and light, semi-transparant, wind dancing character.

Hardy Exotics

Under this heading we grow a wide range of hardy exotic plants with a special look. These plants have significant value in gardens in a supportive role where bamboos and grasses are used in the main role. Learn about the best types of bold foliage plants, graceful gingers, cold-resistant canna’s, banana-like species, cold hardy palms, curious Arums, special shrubs and trees and exotic bloomers under 'exotics' from the menu. Most hardy exotic species are propagated and in stock from mid-May until late autumn. Please note that the available sales assortment is never complete and can change each year. Rare species are often only available in smaller numbers.

Sales and Orders

When you visit the nursery you can select and buy plants direct from the available stock at our plant shop. During the growing season the available species may vary in pot size, plant size and price. We prefer to receive your order by email. Shipping is possible after consultation, preferably after you have selected the plants yourself at the nursery.

We prefer to do shipments on a pallet (delivered by truck) because from our experience this is the most secure way to receive your ordered plants and accessories in good condition. Small quantities can be shipped with parcel service. But keep in mind that shipping parcels bring more risks due to transport damage or sometimes loss. Collecting vulnerable or valuable species yourself from the nursery is sometimes the best solution.

Practical information

You are welcome to visit the nursery and showgarden during the growing season. For many visitors their visit helps a lot to make the best choice for their garden (which is many times different from their initial ideas). On Fridays and Saturdays during the growing season (mid March - November) our nursery and show garden (1.5 hectares) is open to visit without obligation. The garden holds a mature vegetation in a park-like landscaping design. Be inspired and get professional advise when choosing and collecting your plants.