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We deliver plants to private garden owners (sale days Friday and Saturday), to landscaping companies, governmental organizations, and wholesale green projects national and international. You can choose the desired type and plant size directly from the available stock at our nursery store. The plants are presented with pictures and information about the species to help you choose. In the showgarden you can see how the plants grow and can be applied in planting schemes. Of course, we will help you and give explanations on the different species and advice for your situation.

You can select your plants based on cash and carry or we can prepare a shipment by truck


When visiting the nursery you can get expert advice for your situation and plans. After visiting the showgarden with personal advice you often come to a more realistic idea and better choice for your garden or project and you will have all the necessary information about site preparation and maintenance. You can select individual plants from our available stock. Do you have specific questions or a larger plan, please make an appointment. On a Friday or Saturday it might be to busy to have enough time to help you out with that.


Of course, plants can be shipped to your destination. Transport / shipping costs will be charged at actual rates. It is preferred to select your plants at the nursery after we put them on transport for you. If you know what you need or the distance is a problem we can send plants based on prepayment.

Send your wish list based on the described species on the website to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., you receive the quote / order confirmation to make the pre-payment.

Bank details:

Company: Perk Bamboo Nursery, Beesd (NL)
IBAN: NL88 TRIO 0390 1872 59

After receiving your payment we will send the order to you.


The costs for shipping are:

  • Pallets with freight shipment in The Netherlands*: 75,00 (euro pallet 80 x 120 cm) or 85.00 euro (block pallet 100 x 120 cm)
  • Pallets with truck freight to EU countries: current prices on request
  • Parcels up to 10 kg in the Netherlands: 10 euros
  • Parcels up to 30 kilograms in the Netherlands: 15 euros
  • Parcels up to 30 kilograms in Europe (EU): 25 to 45 euros
  • International parcels to other continents by air or boat: on request

Within the EU we can ship plants upto 30 kg in a box. Largers plants or bigger quantities can be shipped by pallet or boxpallet (maximum two layers stappled). We can load bamboos with a length upto 3 m. Longer lengths upto 6 m can also be transported throughout Europe with special transport, please inquire for the costs. Shipments outside the EU and to other continents is possible with climate controlled airfreight cargo or container shipment. Please inquire.

On request you can also ask your own shipping agent to pick up your order from our place. We make sure your order will be properly packed and labeled on a pallet and is ready for shipment on the appointed day.

International bamboo shipments sometimes need creative handling