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Many people struggle with the creation of a balanced planting combination; what species combine well and fit with your needs and wishes. A few individual plants don’t do it, it is the whole, the composition.


A plant as an organism also has certain demands on the environment and harmonization of species with each other based on decorative value, size, color, texture, seasonal changes and flowering. The best result requires plant- and landscaping expertise. We can give specific advice during your visit at the nursery and showgarden.


For small gardens, flowerbeds and borders we can make a plant composition scheme on the spot at the nursery by laying out the measurements of the planting area and place in the desired species and numbers so you can copy the proposed planting structure at home after purchase. For this you can make an appointment. In combination with the purchase of the plants no additional fee for this service will be charged.


For larger gardens or complex situations, it is often better to make a more detailed planting plan on paper (or digital). For this purpose a design fee will be charged (85 euro/hr excl. 21% VAT).